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Drake’s probably still in that chair

Das some white people shit.
Usually said when one suggests an activity that can be dangerous to ones health and/or well-being. (via blackproverbs) ←


left-handed: north and kaia.  ballpoint pen, photoshop.

More non-dominant illustrations.  Posted the drawing of this one on twitter a while ago, but it took a long while to color.  (Mostly due to going in and digitally re-coloring the rain with my left hand.)

For those keeping up with my health issues: my right hand is feeling minutely better from its respite, I appreciate the concern and the nice messages.  I’ve now had an MRI but have not been diagnosed yet.  Thanks everyone for your patience with me.



I know you don’t like to talk, but you gotta do it for her.

This arc took a total of three scenes in the season (four if you count the scene where she’s not in the visiting room) and it still carried more weight than everything Larry’s dealt with the entire series.

this guy is like 50000x more important than Larry.


and we’re back.



Drake’s probably still in that chair

for a sec i thought this meant the wheelchair from degrassi

collections that are raw as fuck ➝ elie saab f/w 2014-15


Did you know Frida Kahlo actually went the extra mile and used makeup to make her natural mustache even darker. She gave no fucks about racist beauty standards and was trying to make you uncomfortable so fuck everyone who’s ever said she would have been prettier if she just did something about her facial hair. 


Love at first touch.